About Us


Irlen Dyslexia Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic administering the evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties. We seek to provide aid for people with learning difficulties and to empower them in face of challenges. Led by our trained and licensed Irlen Diagnostician, Dr. Doris Ang (Clinical Director), we supply a wide range of services that caters to the needs of those with learning difficulties. The initial screening for V.P.D, assessments to determine the full extent of the symptoms and tinting sessions for production of suitable lenses are just a couple of the many services we offer. Identifying and treating V.P.D at its early stages would reduce the challenges faced and facilitate greater control over one’s learning. Therefore, besides providing treatment, Irlen Dyslexia Clinic also aims to disseminate information and generate greater public awareness to the public.

 “Despite apparent educational awareness, many of today’s children are left struggling through school with problems that are yet unrecognized or even unknown to their parents and teachers.” Children by nature are curious and enjoy learning. If they are not, she urges teachers and parents to find out what is stopping their children from learning.”