Headaches, Migraines, Other Physical Symptoms

Stress headaches and headaches without medical cause may be related to light sensitivity and visually-intensive activities and eliminated with...
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- Works hard to get grades but feels that he/she us brighter than grades indicate..........
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Attention Deficit Disorder ADD/HD

Is it ADD/HD or is it Irlen Syndrome? areless errors, daydreams, or seems unmotivated doesn’t necessarily mean ADD/HD is to blame.
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Eye, Vision, Learning

Less obvious vision problem such as Irlen Syndrome affect academic and learning performance are....
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Autism / Asperger Syndrome

Autism / Asperger Syndrome “Sensory processing problems can cause real pain; even non-verbal individuals with autism can have a problem with sensory overload. Some people are really helped by Irlen Colored Lenses.” – Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Reading Problems, Dyslexia, & L.D

Reading difficulties related to Irlen Syndrome cannot be explained by phonetic deficits...
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Light Sensitivity / Fluorescent Lights

Photophobia, or light sensitivity, is an intolerance of light. Sunlight, discomfort may
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How teachers can help

For children who suffers from Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome) You may wish to implement the following modifi.....
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"Thank you, Dr. Ang for helping me with my studies through the Irlen Method. I was diagnosed with Visual Processing Disorder in 2013. I was struggling with my studies in Junior College at that time when I met Dr. Ang who introduced me to Irlen Method and help me with getting it diagnosed and treated. I am fascinated at how the tinted lenses are able to help with my education. Now, I continue with my studies in the University and continue to get help from Dr. Ang for my Visual Processing Disorder. I would like to thank Dr. Ang and her team for helping me!! "
My son, Kieran Lee was diagnosed with Dyslexia when he was in P2. Despite the intervention given by the school and the Dyslexic Association Singapore, it was still very hard for him to focus and study. He frequently complained about eye fatigue, headaches and hard to copy and read. His penmanship was illegible and confidence was at all time low. It was only after he was diagnosed and treated for Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome}, then we found out that he was seeing the words all moving and shaky. There is a great improvement on his academic and physical well being and we are truly grateful for the lens.​
Jarett Tay

Jarett Tay

- Angela Tan, Mother of 2
"My 8-year-old son - Jarett was diagnosed with Visual Processing Disorder (VPD) / Irlen Syndrome when he was 7. He dislikes reading, struggled academically in school and was often misunderstood as an underachiever. When Jarett started using Irlen Spectral Filters, he began to love reading and his English subject has improved. Following my child, I'm also diagnosed with VPD. We are pleased that there is a simple and effective way to diagnose and provide support to those who struggle with reading and coping with their daily lives. We need to create more awareness and give hope to many others who are still struggling at school and at work. This could be the significant missing piece in the puzzle of Dyslexia."
Before I wore the Irlen lenses, I had problem keeping up in class as the words always seemed to jump out at me and I also had headaches frequently and got tired very easily as well. I could hardly focus in class and got teased by my classmates for being slow. However, after wearing the lenses, copying information from the whiteboard or the screen is no longer a problem and I do not get tired frequently. The headaches also stopped and I can focus on an assignment or task barely needing to have a break. I even found a liking for chapter books that I could not bring myself to read before I started wearing the Irlen lenses. I even managed to get a bronze award in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. I could not have done it if I still saw everything floating or jumping about. Since my hobby is to play the violin, the Irlen lenses has also helped to read the scores better and allowed me to enjoy playing the instrument. I am very grateful for having discovering about the Irlen lenses as it has helped me to feel less stressed and enabled to be a livelier person as well.

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Our team will be heading up to Jakarta for diagnostic testing at Irlen Dyslexia Center on the 21st and 22nd October. If you wish to schedule an appointment with us. Please call Min at +6283871983005

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Outreach & Awareness
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